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Muufri is a new company making better dairy products that everyone can afford.

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Milk from industrially farmed dairy cows carries evidence of industrial animal agriculture. In addition to biological components from the cow like pus, fresh milk contains pesticide residues, feed contaminants, heavy metals, drug residues, and hormones. Milk from sick cows can also contain foodborne pathogens. Many of these contaminants remain even after pasteurization and regulations allow them to be present "within acceptable limits".


Intensively farmed dairy cows experience many unpleasant events, from artificial insemination, to the early separation of calves from cow, to the slaughter of young male calves.

As herd size increases and animals are crowded together, so do animal health problems. It is not unusual for these cows to be heavily medicated compared to non-intensively farmed animals.


Dairy cows produce methane, a greenhouse gas with over 20 times the potency of CO2. Combined, the hundreds of millions of dairy cows we raise on Earth contribute to around a quarter of these greenhouse gas emissions.

The waste produced by one cow is equal to that of 20-40 people. Between the spread of pathogens, leakage of antibiotics, and high levels of nitrates, groundwater pollution can have serious effects on the biosphere – and it ends up in our drinking water, too.


Muufri heartily supports local farms where passionate farmers care for happy cows – where the ancient covenant between animals and humans is maintained. We don't seek to replace or devalue these farms, nor the delicious products that come out of them.

Unfortunately, this kind of farm is being edged out by an industrial complex. We're on a path where "efficiency" and "optimization" require the treatment of animals as machines - leading to the problems outlined above.

As populations swell and demand for dairy surges - especially in developing markets and urban areas - more and more family farms will be turned into factory farms. We need an alternative: that's Muufri's mission.

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Our solution is to make real milk from the bottom up. It's a fairly simple mixture: six key proteins for structure and function, eight key fatty acids for flavor and richness. In different ratios, these components give us cow's milk, goat's milk, or even buffalo milk – all suitable to become countless products, from toppings to cheeses to desserts.

Using the same principles of biotechnology behind beer or vegetarian rennet, Muufri will make milk that tastes and functions just like animal-produced milk, but without the problems associated with industrial animal facilities.

We don't just solve problems – Muufri adds new value to dairy, too. Because we choose what goes into our product, we can choose to leave out lactose, which is at least partially indigestible by 75% of adults; and we can choose to leave out bad cholesterol for a much healthier product. And because our products are made with the same precision as medicines, they'll be free of all bacteria – meaning a great-tasting milk with unprecedentedly long shelf life, no pasteurization needed.

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